Every day, TSAA Resource Management balances traditional wisdom and practices with western approaches and science to deliver community-first models for developing resource legacies.

indigenous companies are changing the way they do business

When it comes to navigating more inclusive and beneficial approaches to responsible resource development, many communities need a trusted partner walking alongside. A partner who supports communities to navigate towards the futures they envision. A partner who builds bridges along the way: between past and future; between communities, industry, and government; between different ways of thinking and doing.

tsaa means beaver in the dakelh dene language

Our name reflects our Indigenous roots. The beaver teaches us to use the resources available to us wisely; to be persistent; and to cooperate with others. This creative and productive animal reminds us to remain open to possibilities, and to always remember action is required to turn dreams into reality.

we create relationships across regions, sectors and industries

Our business began in forestry. Today, we work with Indigenous communities to identify and realise opportunities to extract value from their land and available resources in creative and sustainable ways. These opportunities must respect Mother Earth, be good for the community as a whole, and deliver multi-generational impact.

we know wisdom and expertise doesn't only come from a classroom

We bring formal education and professional knowledge, competence, and practice to the table. We also value the deep insight and knowledge that comes from generations of living on the land. That’s why we build projects that reflect these different experiences. We behave, personally and professionally, according to the Seven Sacred Teachings.


Meet the team.

our mission, principles, and behaviours

Our mission is to develop healthy relationships with communities through thoughtful, respectful interactions with all land users.


The following principles and the Seven Sacred Teachings guide us:

put safety first, always
have integrity in all we say and do
leave legacies for future generations
be profitable

wisdom • love • respect • bravery • honesty • humility • truth

tsaa resource management

101 – 1285 Dalhousie Drive

Kamloops, BC V2C 5Z5


We are headquartered in Kamloops and are grateful to operate on the traditional territory of the Secwepemc Peoples.

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